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Acid Etch bath is an acidic solution used by graff writers in mops and other assorted markers to create a handstyle on a glass surface, in which the acid eats into the window, making that handstyle/tag unbuffable.
I went up and down down market street and etched the shit outta every building window I saw
Beküldő: Hamydeez 2004. április 19.
67 16
1 dodgy, sketchy, scary.
2 freekishly or scarily good.
Background - developed from sketchy on the northern beaches of sydney.
1 "That Texas Chainsaw movie is so etch"
2 (tone in awe)"etccccccccccch"
Beküldő: Greenie 2004. június 22.
60 23
A word used to describe anything scary or weird, etc.
Used commonly by teenagers.
Guy 1: So then he jumped out and killed her!
Guy 2: Ohh etch!


Guy 1: Then he told me he wanted to kiss me. It was so etch.
Guy 2: He's so etch!
Beküldő: Sarah1192 2007. november 5.
23 8
something that is seriously wrong that like soils your mind. Or something that is said that you dont want to think about.
"hey uther imagine our science teacher in a porn flick"
"um ETCH DUDE!!!!!!!!!!"
Beküldő: THE SHAGLE MASTER 2003. szeptember 5.
4 24
Bad, horrible, not cool, homosexual.
The thought of you naked is ETCH!
Beküldő: uther 2003. augusztus 16.
10 33