To fail horribly

However bad a fail is, you do NOT say "epic fail" in reality, it makes you sound like a total douche.
"Awww dude, i just fucked up on that math test"

#epic fail #douche #irl #the internet #newfags
Beküldő: Anonynoose 2009. február 23.
A failure so large and obvious it has to have its own catagory.
Guy 1: Dude, I just missed an A on my test by 1 point.
Guy 2: Which one did you miss?
Guy 1: I spelled my name wrong.
Guy 2: *shakes head* Epic Fail
#failure #epic failure #atomic failure #stupidity #conversation fail
Beküldő: RevolverMonroe 2009. december 8.
an epic fail is a term used when something unexpectedly funny happens or is happening.
A Sign that says "We sell the best GLASS" and the G and L have been blown away so it says "We sell the best ASS" Epic Fail


A Coca Cola truck carrying Pepsi products.Epic Fail
#fail #lose suck #stupid #funny #dumb
Beküldő: Simpsonfan15 2010. február 27.
When something is ruined horribly, or is buggy beyond belief. Full of fail.
The Kiwibox 3.0 web page will be an epic fail.
#crap #ruined #horrible #buggy #kiwibox
Beküldő: bestestfiend 2009. november 1.
A failure of cosmic scales. Could be used to express how pathetic someone is.
-Wow this Geril guy is such an epic fail.
-Hell he is.
#epic #fail #pathetic #noob #idiot
Beküldő: Puretruthbro 2008. december 6.
The most celestial pair of words in the universe.
Hades: Why can't I kill Odysseus?

Zeus: Ahaha Epic fail.
#godly #perfect #cosmopolitian #amazing #observation
Beküldő: ihatelifemorethanyou 2009. október 31.
When your city's Major League Baseball team sets the record for futility in all of professional sports.

See Pittsburgh Pirates 1993-2009.
When they made their final out of their 82nd loss of the season, for the seventeenth consecutive season, the Pittsburgh Pirates achieved Epic Fail status in the world of professional sports.
#loser #futility #pittsburgh #pirates #baseball
Beküldő: Jumpondees 2009. szeptember 8.
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