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A common characteristic of an Emo boy. The fashion of an emo has some similarities to a gay but many emo boys are in fact bisexual or gay. Peoples opinions of Emo boys kissing saying they do this just because of publicity is ridiculous as many gay teenagers turn to the emo stereotype because of the emo community being free of prejudices. As a gay teenager you have a lot of soul searching and a troubled time and may become depressed this is also how they are most suited into an emo culture.
Emo1: Why does that emo boy look happy?
Emo2: Probably because he is holding hands with that other emo boy!
Emo1: oh I see, he is an emo gay, why does that make him happy though
Emo2: might be becuase he has found himself.
#emo #emo erotic #emo boys kissing #gay rockers #gay emo
Beküldő: calp90 2006. május 14.
A step past normal gay.
Forest Munchencach epitomizes "emo gay".
#emo #gay #munchencach #trifling #unyoung
Beküldő: Panther Moondragon 2005. október 2.
Emogay is a term that was coined to replace the use of gay in an insultory manner. Seeing as how homosexuality is neither a good nor bad thing, it was decided that a new term was needed to replace it. Since the whining,derision, and repulsive fashion of emo kids is quite annoying and not something a rational being would claim is a positive trait, the term emo was added to gay to show "gay as in emo, not gay as in homo".
1. It was really emogay of you to ditch me for that date with Darl McBride.
2. Did you see the new Matrix film? It was soooo emogay.
3. I've never seen a band more emogay than AFI.

See gay.
Beküldő: Luscious Pear 2005. július 15.
Someone who is emo and gay.
#1: Dude that guy is so emo.
#2: He acts gay though...
#3: Maybe he's Emogay.
#someone #who #is #emo #and #gay
Beküldő: Sofea 2010. január 2.
someone who likes emo who is therefore gay
emo is gay too
Beküldő: e-moh-gay 2003. június 28.
A step beyond plain old gay.
OH MY GOTH that'sth tho emo gay!!!!!
Beküldő: ya fart fuckers 2005. szeptember 18.
person or persons by the name of zoe who is/are EMOGAY
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. június 27.
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