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A greating that should be spelled "hello" yet it spelled "ello" for a Brittish sounding accent on the "e"
Ello mate! or just Ello!
Beküldő: Robert Justin Crouch 2005. április 11.
A greeting often used online in chat box to express a 'hello' but, with style.
Ello bud, how are you doing?
Beküldő: JeR 2004. március 31.
a british greeting.
insted of hello in america
in england its Ello.
this example: Ello Govna.
Beküldő: Seerahh. 2007. április 9.
The British version of "Hello", but with an accent.
Ello Hagrid!
Beküldő: Kipkid 2011. május 8.
Social Networking site which requires invitation. Claims to be free of ads and that the data collected is not bought for advertising space. Wants to be a more exclusive and virtuous 'organic' tumblr-like site.
Tumblr User #1: I gave into the hype about ello last night, you on it yet?
Tumblr User #2: Nah, that'll be over before anyone's heard about it, it's a waste of time.
Beküldő: HigherThanArianasPonytail 2014. szeptember 29.
Another way to say hello but cooler
friend: ELLO!
Beküldő: MERP123 2014. november 22.
A nickname. The kind that you give to an extreamly awesome or cool chick.
"Hey Ello what are you up to?"
"...oh just being AWESOME"
Beküldő: ellosolz 2008. december 6.
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