to 'chuck' or 'dump' a botfriend/girlfriend, to give them the elbow
I couldn't stand him so I gave him the elbow
Beküldő: jmc 2004. szeptember 27.
Top Definition
(Street slang, more common in the South) A pound of marijuana (mary jane, pot, whatever)
Dude, catch this buzz, the cat on 52nd street, he sells elbows for a song
Beküldő: The DON 2002. október 4.
Rims: originally '83-'84 cadillac spoke rims or Cragar StarWire Performance Wheels
also called swangers. spokes that poke out simular to your elbows.
1lb/pound: as in eLBow.
"man, that slab be swangin them elbows."
"i gotta slang some elbows at these fools"
Beküldő: x 2004. augusztus 21.
a pound of weed.
droppin three bows on ya.
Beküldő: Mydic Isinya 2003. november 8.
A pound.

Originated from the L and the B in LBS.
I'mma go cop an elbow.
Beküldő: CadetMKultra 2004. február 11.
rims on a car
man that boy sittin on elbows
Beküldő: c 2004. május 9.
To hit and/or injure someone with one's elbow.
Kid, I'll fuckin' elbow you in the nose!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 27.
1lb of drugs - most commonly weed.
"Sup mayne. I'm comin thru for that elbow."
Beküldő: csdd3rd 2005. szeptember 6.
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