When you dont know what someone is chatting about :)
"Puff Ma Sheema?"
#huh #queh #meh #what #sheema
Beküldő: L4 -1 2009. február 20.

Not to be confused with the Canadian 'Eh?' or the exclamation 'Eh!?'.
"What's wrong with you?"
#eh. #eh #eh? #eh! #ellipsis
Beküldő: Eh. 2008. március 2.
interiezione che esprime sorpresa o disappuntooppure usata quando qualcuno ha detto qualcosa chenon si è capito bene.
Hai capito?..eh,cosa hai detto?
Beküldő: giulezio 2016. március 19.
The sound a bunny makes when stepped on. A bunny dies every time a person "ehs"
"How's it going"
...and a bunny dies.
#ehh #meh #blargh #bunny #foot
Beküldő: SBAL 2009. február 16.
A word that is generalized as being used by Canadians. This is however just a generalization and although there may be some truth, not all Canadians will inject this at the end of a sentance. Made popular by Hollywood. The stereotype is made fun of in Canadian sitcoms.
Joe: Great show eh?

-Used here as some might use the word right. To make sure that the person you are talking to is paying attention.

Joe: Great show right?
#canadian #newfie #right #stereotype #aight
Beküldő: truCanadian 2007. április 30.
slang. a word all the cool kids use. can be used as a substitute for whatever; also used as an adjective to describe something, such as checking someone out.
eh, that's all right i guess.
eh he/she is okay.
#whatever #eh #so #slang #cool
Beküldő: nisha and katherine 2006. december 28.
a stereo-type made from americans that think we say it all the time. But when actually used, it used to make sure the listner comprehends or is even still listening, also a short way of asking after an opinion if the listner agrees with you or not.
BOB: "americans think we say "eh" all the time did you know that eh?"
SUE: Really? like how they think we live in igloo's and ride around on dog sleds aswell?
#huh #right? #wha #la #da
Beküldő: 0p_u2 2006. február 6.
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