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Someone who is very cool and well-dressed.
Mah man Antonius is always duggy around dem bitches!
Beküldő: staccato brainstem 2005. február 16.
A state of freshness in which one is recognized by others as being the shit.
Yo did you see Marcus today? He always walks out the house looking duggy.
Beküldő: Factor "X O" 2009. április 5.
a haircut
Adam loved Emily's new duggy when they met for the first time in Florida.
Beküldő: photohobo 2009. február 21.
A personal favorite or obsession. Similar to saying you "dig" something.
Man, I love BLT sandwiches. They are my duggy.

I don't care what you like. Cold beer and baloney is my special duggy when I watch football.

Beküldő: adamogron 2008. október 22.
back shots with your own prefered dance. While your hommies videotape your performance.
i went over to my girls crib and pulled the duggy on her all night long.
Beküldő: P P D D 2004. február 21.
A person who pretends to hit someone but instead uses it as an excuse to grab thier dicks.
Man that alex is such a duggy.HE JUST GRABBED MY PENIS.
Beküldő: alex hayes 2005. november 12.
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