a complete failure, or a waste of weed
coleman is such a dud
Beküldő: typhy 2007. május 3.
Dud is the opposite of funster. You can easily ascertain whether someone is fun-loving, maybe a little crazy OR are they the type of person to be, well, a dud. You will find a dud working overtime at his or her cube, whilst the funster is already at happy hour.
Karen to John O who she's never met: "So, John: are you a funster or a dud?"
John O. "Well I guess you'll have to be the judge of that after we meet" - clearly a dud.

Karen: "Okay, I'll hang with Troy, he's the ultimate funster!"
Beküldő: Fun&Nice 2015. január 30.
southern slang for clothing
Boy your lookin' ratty. We need to get you some new duds.
Beküldő: southernbreedboy 2010. március 17.
Really lazy and dry way of saying Dude.
"Yo...dud...gimme some of your fries."
"Fucks that."
Beküldő: TFE 2007. február 20.
Did upside down;Originated in Passaic, NJ...Originator:P-Block
John: Yo that chick is hot
Me: I dud

Neal: She goota fatty
Me: I know I dud
Beküldő: MyPenisbig 2010. december 13.
if you dont know what dud is; then your a dud.
what a dud.
Beküldő: stickplot1 2009. május 3.
jane: yo georgia, i got da dud nigga!
georgia: dat shit iz sick, you one craaazy muhhh fucker!
Beküldő: toby2009 2009. szeptember 7.

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