A pimple on a donkeys ass!!! Well they smell like a donkeys ass and they act like an ass.
1)Hey dude!
2)Yo dude!
1)whats up man?
2) nothin
2) kewl
Beküldő: wtf....ask me 2003. november 8.
A wart on a horses dick
hey Pete I dare you to lick the dude.
Beküldő: big warren 2003. november 5.
A pimple on a horses ass.
Wow. Thats a big dude.
Beküldő: DOOD. 2003. április 16.
for any of u dumbasses that think its an infected hair on an elephants ass can go hump a tree.
wrong way: " I'm a dorkass that studies dictionarys and thinks that a dude is a hair on a elephants ass."

Rite way: " Wats up dude?" or " Wats crackin dude."
Beküldő: yo worst nitemare 2004. március 11.
noun:a way for stoned white-trash and hillbillies to communicate without saying anything cuz they drunk as a mofo.
Whiteboy1:Dude!! like dude,dude,dude??? Pass the cock.
Whiteboy2:no itz mine!!!!DuDe.
Beküldő: Steven n Christian 2004. február 16.
(n) ingrown ass hair.
you got dude on your ass, dude.
Beküldő: xosarah* 2004. január 18.
1. wart on male horse's butt with hairs growing out of it
2. Stupid Language for anything along the lines of you, he, she, it, huh?, etc.
3. a noun
4. basically anything idiotic or inappropariate
1. get the vet to look at that dude
2. dude.
3. dude.
Beküldő: hi there 2003. december 22.
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