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(n) ingrown ass hair.
you got dude on your ass, dude.
Beküldő: xosarah* 2004. január 18.
1 14
a word that used to be down but now only white boys and white wash people continually use
dude dude is such a gay word
Beküldő: Lil Ghost 2005. február 12.
2 16
a person or pepole that tend to be anti schochal or of the rock/punk crowd.
dudenes is measured in penis' size
he is a totale dude dude if you know what the F*** im talking about dude
Beküldő: skrue you dude 2004. január 18.
5 19
1. wart on male horse's butt with hairs growing out of it
2. Stupid Language for anything along the lines of you, he, she, it, huh?, etc.
3. a noun
4. basically anything idiotic or inappropariate
1. get the vet to look at that dude
2. dude.
3. dude.
Beküldő: hi there 2003. december 22.
4 18
infected hair on elephants butt, pretty much on any animals butt.
dude, i'n not a dude, i'm a dudett. it's just a "polite" way to say, hey you!
Beküldő: emily 2003. december 19.
8 22
The hair on an elephant's ass.

Defined by keenan and christine
Zack is a dude.
Beküldő: christine 2004. április 6.
5 21
ok..this guy puts really stupid shizit on this website and is ruining it! OK!! Dude...,Dave kushner is not a deushbag he is better @ guitar than you will ever be you stupid bitch!! Stop talkin about shit you don't know about!!!
Did you hear about that guy dude.. on urban dic.? Oh yeah he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about!!!
Beküldő: VR girl 2005. április 2.
1 19