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To Leave

Similar to "dip"
I forgot I have to be somewhere at 3 I better duce
Beküldő: pr_papi 2009. január 8.
to share any sort of smoking activity.
we duce cigarettes alot.

wanna duce a joint?
Beküldő: blublubl 2008. július 23.
to leave or say good-bye
peace out my niggy, iight duce wid it.
Beküldő: tHiiZ Or dIE!!! 2006. május 5.
Two people sharing a smokeable item, most often a cigarette.
If one person is smoking a cigarette, his/her friend might say, "Gimme the duce", meaning, "Share that with me?"
Beküldő: Eli 5 Stone 2006. október 12.
street gang found in the almaden valley, very tough, not to be messed with
u see dem duce roll up on that treysie?
Beküldő: rob 2004. április 21.
Short form for introduce. Can also be used to mean anything.
Tess: Benji, check out the new kid.

Benji: Do you think I should duce myself?

Ilana: Totally!
Beküldő: Benji Finestone 2007. szeptember 6.
to leave a location to go to another place
"yo, Jason lets duce out of work and go to a tity bar"
Beküldő: Yumz 2006. augusztus 24.