(V): To take a dump.

(N): a piece of shit.
Tod: damn dude i need to go take a duce!

Tod: Be right back...
Edgar: Ok, dont take to long!
Beküldő: weed brownies 2011. október 24.
having two of something, or rolling the number two (2) in craps
Ah Shit... That nigga rolled a duce! (also known as snake eyes)
Beküldő: FastAMX79 2006. április 13.
a greeting for goodbye that is in the national vernacular.
see ya later, duce!
Beküldő: not amy 2008. december 24.
to share any sort of smoking activity.
we duce cigarettes alot.

wanna duce a joint?
Beküldő: blublubl 2008. július 23.
Refers to sharing something with someone.Usually a cigarette,and usually with someone you know.
"Hey,let me duce that cigarette with you dude.I don't have any."
Beküldő: Anthony Barnes 2008. május 21.
A Street Gang, Deriving From Amden Valley, And Now Is Located In Over 3 Countries And 32 States, One Located In Tulsa, Houston, And Dalls.
A Says: Throw Up Ya Set Kid
B Says: Duces Crip 211 Westside
Beküldő: Tha Kid Prodegy 2006. május 14.
a street gang in the almaden valley,
duce just rolled up here and beat his ass.
Beküldő: rob 2004. április 18.

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