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Stands for "Depressed Teen". If a teenager is acting moody, grumpy, mean, complaining or being a jerk.
brother: moooooommmm. no. im not going. i hate this. you all suck.
sister: DT.
Beküldő: Maddieee 2007. november 4.
Deepthroat, when your bitch gives you head
Hey kelly your a DT
Beküldő: JESUS 2003. április 26.
1. a fuckin annoying person who doesn't know when he's being annoying
2. an ugly piece of shit who thinks he's a player
3. retarded
4. creeperold greg
5. big hands
6.can't take a hint
"Aw shit D.T. heard about it and is coming to the party now. FUCK!"
Beküldő: Diego the Dego 2009. június 24.
Short for "Danny Tanner." Used to describe a fellow who spends a lot of time at home cleaning it. Often times D.T.s will clean for a place to stay.
Hey, me and my girls shit on the floor, ate hot dogs all messy-like and had our periods all over. No worries though, this bitch ass D.T. will have it cleaned by sunrise.
Beküldő: mcdelicious 2007. február 3.
code for tp (when adults are around) if they ask what it means, say downtown (if u dont get y its code, try flipping the word over)
friend- we are so gonna go dt tonite
dad- whats 'dt'?
me- its downtown, dad, god...
Beküldő: timmmmboe 2006. augusztus 9.
dink toucher
Greg is a D.T.
Beküldő: P.T. Barnum 2003. szeptember 2.
Stands for "Don't Trip"

Used when someone is flipping out or gets touched about everything.
For those people who claim they're real but act fake.
"DT Daquan she's white"

"He's so dumb but I DT"
"You fake af so DT"
Beküldő: Jeimy Lopez 2014. augusztus 15.