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Of or pertaining to drugs. NOT a person who uses said drugs. That would be a druggie.
Robert often likes to talk about druggy subjects. For this reason, we call him a druggie.
Beküldő: Doktorfunk 2006. július 30.
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Reality is a halucination caused by a lack of drugs
hmmm.....this parking cone was edible last night? why not now???
Beküldő: Jamie Coates 2003. február 4.
A group of people that use illegal drugs. In singular, it refers to one person who does a lot of illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.)
"look at those druggies shooting up"

"don't spend all your money on weed you druggie"
Beküldő: JRU13 2009. június 23.
an extremely doped-out person
Yeah, Mike and Joe are total druggies.
Beküldő: Dan 2003. augusztus 10.
the word "druggy" refers to a person that abuses drugs.
One day that druggy Joe Parker will die from all that abuse
Beküldő: spiderman 2003. február 3.
a person that uses illegal substances e.g pot
oi druggy u got ne blow?
Beküldő: spanky 2003. augusztus 25.
Jack Morien using excessive amounts of drugs and getting reallllllllly baked
Jack Morien on a friday night
Beküldő: Cyber 2003. február 4.

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