A warning in a skatepark or snowpark that you are going to hit the jump. Similar to "fore!" in golf.
the kid yelled "drop!" just after if started going for the jump, and he cut me off and hit the jump just before me but fell, so I landed on him and slit his thoat with my tail.
Beküldő: Chester 2003. szeptember 17.
To become available or arrive on the market.
"The new Eminem cd is sceduled to drop march 28th..."
Beküldő: Moleculo 2003. július 19.
slang for a nice convertible
damn he has a hella nice M3 drop
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. május 3.
Noun; in MMORPGs such as world of warcraft, an item that can be looted off a killed monster.
"Are there any good rogue drops in RFK?"
"F'in n00b took all the good drops!"
Beküldő: JWAYNE 2006. május 15.
To ride any vehicle (Bike, skateboard) off any vertical or near veritical cliff with the intention of landing smoothly on a transition.
Dude1: "I just dropped 20 feet to flat and broke my face!"
Dude2: "you suck!"
Beküldő: Bite it you scum 2005. június 8.
Kitchen slang. To cook a certain menu item, mostly something that may take a while to cook. It means the order is going "down" or "order in"
"I need a drop on two well done sirloins"
Beküldő: Shad 2004. június 20.
drop is just another name for hydroponically grown, high thc marijuana.
Hey man, you got any of that drop.
Beküldő: goon4lyphe 2010. szeptember 10.

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