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Personification given to mainly booze, and sometimes referring to other drugs. Generally used to refer to drugs when a person is feeling down and a person is saying it's what they need and/or use to feel better.
Guy 1: That sucks about your girlfriend leaving you for another guy after all your time together

Guy 2: Yeah, I'm gonna have a few appointments with Dr. Feelgood, even one tonight.
#alcohol #booze #drugs #liquor #beer
Beküldő: Dusty Bannister 2007. augusztus 21.
A licensed physician who mainly supplies amphetamines and other drugs for a fee.
I scored with Dr. Feelgood last week
#supplier #drugs #amphetamines #bennies #dexamel
Beküldő: 2Am4Sure 2008. június 14.
The doctors who simply prescibe medicines instead of finding the real ailment.
The Dr. Feelgoods gave me a handful of prescriptions today..
#pillpusher #drug dispenser #rx writer #prescription writer #dr.
Beküldő: Imperial1931 2005. október 31.
originally a phrase coined by Mötley Crüe in their song "Dr. Feelgood" Dr feelgood is a person who sells/deals drugs(coke, week etc.) on a street corner.
druggie 1: whered you get that coke?
druggie 2: i found Dr. Feelgood on the corner of A street and B road
#coke #crack #pot #weed #mötley crüe #song
Beküldő: GTCR 2008. június 15.
This is the name of the character in Motley Crue's Hit song Dr Feelgood. Dr Feelgood is a drug dealer that sells cocaine and other drugs to the mexican mob. HE is feared by police oficers and has them on his payroll. Since he distributes so much drugs the people on the streets refer to him as Dr feelgood since he is the one you go to get a fix. The song ends with Dr Feel good getting arrested.
He is the one they call Dr Feel Good he is the one who makes you feel alright!
#cocaine #drugs #dealer #motley crue #mr fantasy
Beküldő: Steeleagle87 2009. március 22.

Also the title track of a Mötley Crüe album
Listen to Jimmy, Come play with Dr. Feelgood.
#cocaine #blow #drugs #coke #candycane
Beküldő: SuckaKazoo 2008. június 16.
When a guy puts his penis in his girlfriends ass and uses the friction from moving in and out to loosen her up when she is feeling constipated.
My girlfriend was feeling stuffed up so i gave her a Dr. Feelgood.
#penis #anal #ass #whores #boats n hoes #anal sex #disgusting #constipation
Beküldő: Oklahoma Sucks 2009. október 7.
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