A good, friend, acquaintance and/or partisan that has many things in common.

Antonym: Coot
A: Where you at dove?
B: Back at the nest watching the coots putt dove!
A: Alright see you in a minute dove.
B: Hurry up or I'm going to call you a Coot, Dove!
Beküldő: Nicktor 2011. január 4.
When Someone smells like shit and you cant stand there presence so you throw bars of dove soap at them.
I Got Dove All Day, Got Dove?, Dude, you smell like dove!
Beküldő: Dovemaster5000 2010. február 25.
The act of leaving or going away.
Bryan is so annoying tell him to dove.

Get out my face dove my nigga.
Beküldő: MfDoom 2014. május 8.
A friend filled with the Holy Spirit!
Hanging out with my Dove Ed by the fire!
Beküldő: 2ServeDesign 2013. május 3.
Homer Simpson's soap of choice.
Where'd i put that bar of....D'ove! (hits head on shower faucet)
Beküldő: Bum Stiggity Bum 2010. február 13.
When you have strong feelings for someone, but your not inlove with them just yet.
guy 1: hey dude are you inlove with that girl?

guy 2: nah I just dove her.
Beküldő: Kage712 2010. május 30.
a term to describe a man's spouse.
"My dove bought me a diamond studded Jacob watch for our anniversary."
Beküldő: omarisstar101 2007. május 31.

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