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An offshoot of the highly popular douchebag. Use in a derogatory sense.

Literal definition: a waffle made using the contents of a douchebag.

Abstract definition: a person who has surpassed the usual level of a 'douchebag' and is now at a whole new level of doucheness.
You drank the last beer? You douchewaffle!
Beküldő: Kendall 2004. október 3.
A realy Annoying person who does not know when to shut their mouth
Emily you are a douche waffle
#douche #douche bag #cunt muffin #douche salad #annoying
Beküldő: IamSMACK 2008. december 22.
The next level of douche-baggery. This is the top-of-the-line version of a douchebag. A douchewaffle often cusses excessively, makes fun of those who are often smaller than him/herself, thinks highly of him/herself, may have been abused as a child, and usually has an IQ relative to that of a monkey. Can also be considered a flat out moronic asshole.
Jake: Wow, that guy is such an asshole... GOD he pisses me right the fuck off!!!

Joe: I know what you mean dude... that guy's a real douchewaffle.
#douche #dush #dushe #doush #douch #duch #duche #waffle #douchebag #asshole #moron #dickweed #dumbass #jackass #fuckface #penis-face-monkey-whore
Beküldő: Ryuuka-EMS 2009. november 9.
a person that is really concieted and think that they are cool and full of them selves when people really make fun of them behind their back and can't stand the sight of them
Matt via thinks he's so cool but really hes just a giant douche-waffle.
#dick #douche #fag #dumbass #asshole
Beküldő: freddie07 2009. november 8.
What you call an ex who is a total asshole or someone you know who is a total moron.
How did Joe not know you would find out? What a douchewaffle.
#douchewaffle #douche #waffle dush #doush #duesh
Beküldő: Kimmersandbits 2009. augusztus 27.
1. noun: An extremely annoying person
2. adj: Good grief, he is a gigantic douche waffle!
1: Dang it, shut up, you douche waffle!
2: That guy is a jerk, therefor he is a douche waffle.
#douche #waffle #annoying #duoche #weird
Beküldő: Siyui 2008. december 22.
A human being possesing traits similar to a special needs individual, however not having been diagnosed with any actual disorder. A human being who makes rash, idiotic, decisions with very little knowledge about the situation.
I sent Dan to go fix that job, he came back dazed and confused and talking about something completely different than what he was sent to do, he's such a douchewaffle.
#douche #douchebag #douchewaffle #double douche #handicapped
Beküldő: thatbigsumbich 2010. január 1.
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