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The 2004 democratic campaign strategy.
John Kerry on Monday: I am for the war in Iraq

John Kerry on Tuesday: I am against the war in Iraq
Beküldő: Brandon Harwell 2004. szeptember 13.
The medical condition in which one must say everything twice. Like that McDonald's commercial. This is closely related to triple take and mental retardation..
"How's it going, how's it going."
Beküldő: Mark H. Nagle 2004. szeptember 8.
"I tried pot....but I didn't inhale." - Beelzebill Clinton
"That depends on what the definition of the word is is." - Beelzebill Satan KKKlinton
bubba 666 kkklinton is the perfect example of doublespeak
Beküldő: pfffft 2006. július 3.
The art of liberal politics.
John Kerry: "I actually voted FOR the 87 billion BEFORE I voted against it"
Beküldő: you _terrorist_ scum 2005. március 16.