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The act of terminating a relationship preceded by defecating upon them.
The United State of America will pay a handsome sum for Justin Bieber to double dump Paige Conway of North Korea.
Beküldő: Oooperation pegasus 2014. március 22.
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taking a shit over someone else's shit
You: Hey Billy, did you take a dump and forget to flush.
Billy: Yeah.
You: Well no worries. I took a double dump and it clogged your toilet.
Billy: Cool...thanks man.
Beküldő: ctub 2011. január 30.
When two people squat with their backs against each other and simultaneously take a shit. This positional adds stability to the normal solitary squat one would do when taking a shit anywhere besides a toilet. This can be very effective when in hostile, or bear territory and need someone to watch your back.
Me: Man my stomach hurts
Josh: Mine does too!
Me: Time for a Double Dump! Bring your beer!
Beküldő: Barnaclebill 2011. szeptember 26.
When there is two (2) cubicles in a bathroom, and both are occupied, in which both occupants are taking a dump.
Man, i just did this sweet work poo, there was some other guy in the other cubicle, so we just double dumped
Beküldő: JackPackageeeee 2010. szeptember 9.
When you have skipped a shit one day, so that when you poo the following day, it is a double dump.
Furthermore, the first Portion stinks more as it has festered inside you for some time.
Hey Lachlan, I'm gonna be late back from lunch!
Why is that, Falvey?
Oh, I have to have a double dump.
You will be a while, make sure you spray!
Beküldő: malkymoo 2010. december 19.
A double dump is when one takes a shit, wipes then flushes and whilest washing their hands gets a clogged up feeling in ones anus and then realises they have not yet finished taking a shit, and has to get back on the bog and finish the job.
Two girl's standing by sink in public toilet.
One girl says to the other...
"yo girl i just did a double dump"
"OOoo that nasty! i hope you washed your shity hands" replies the girl.
Beküldő: moolphir cockhand 2009. április 15.
taking two shits in immediate succession of each other. taking yet another shit when you've just finished a shit. happens especially after a night of heavy drinking, when you've just finished a serious beer shit, the ass juice isn't yet evaporated, you're getting off the crapper and you realize you have to go again. can be used as verb or noun.
fuck me i got so locked last night at paddy's stag, i had to double dump this morning.
dude, it's been half an hour and still smells. that must have been some serious double dump you did.
Beküldő: pintofharp 2011. szeptember 21.

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