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A contempory slang term used for an amount of money.
Q) Man, u wanna catch that new movie?
A) Nah, Im outta Dosh!
Beküldő: gillios 2003. október 12.
Currency, money, cash, moola
Wan't to grab a berr?
Can't man, got no dosh.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. február 21.
giz all ya dosh or al blow ya head off with me shotgun
Beküldő: geordie 2003. október 24.
Noun: Money, cash, dough. Usually an uncertain amount.
Sound: The onomatopoeic sound of money(usually in a wad) slapped down on a table or something of the like.
Noun: "All my dosh was stolen was last night when I was robbed."
Sound: Cashier: "Alright sir that'll be $3:50.
A Rich motherfucker: "Alright give me a second..."
Beküldő: Son_ofSpartacus 2014. július 6.
To serve up, to share.
Dosh out those spuds mum
Beküldő: Madrigor 2012. december 12.
Old skool term to money, bling, pingas...
Beküldő: Anon 2003. szeptember 15.
To be used in place of give, pass, chuck or any similar words.
Oi Nick dosh me the phone.
Hey Lach dosh us some food.
Beküldő: Dole Nath 2012. január 14.