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Rhymes with nope, any brains fella? Nope. Well then, you're a dope. Get it?
Drug users look and act kinda dopey from dope.
The stud man was big, really big but no brains, such a big dope he is.

Hey dopey, want a puff? Cool, puff on this!
Beküldő: Dog Catcher 2003. december 10.
13 47
Drugs. Mostly Marijuana, weed, and Heroin. Also known as herb.
All Chad does is smoke dope.
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. szeptember 8.
9 57
1)a term meaning the drug marajuanna

2)cool, cute, fun, awesome, attractive
1)Brian always has extra dope on his hands.

2)That concert last night was so dope.
Beküldő: Miss Eighties 2004. július 23.
8 65
dope: unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... ummmmmmmmmm....unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... oh man, I forgot
Man, I got so doped up last night I forgot where I left my dope.
Beküldő: Herb Mann 2003. május 21.
4 63
Dope a Clan that plays Soldier of Fortune 2
Dope are dope.
Beküldő: [Dope]SirRobHiFi 2003. július 30.
6 81
Stop smoking dope and get to class!
Beküldő: Bungalow Bill 2001. november 26.
13 100
Yo, I dope that new El-P joint, it fucking sucks!
Beküldő: hHi 2002. július 25.
8 107