someone who carries a lot of drugs, like a donkey
"living that donkey life" get ignorant - lil boosie
Beküldő: Brianna J 2007. május 14.
A term to describe a person, thing, or attitude that is "shitty" or "sucks." Something that is granny panty.
"That waitress last night was so donkey, I never even got my soup." "How did we get screwed on the deal like this? This is such (a) donkey."
Beküldő: Hunter L 2007. április 3.
To describe someone who does things wrong a lot.
When fred drops a computer you call him a Donkey

Term made popular by The Junkies 106.7 WJFK
Beküldő: Pauk 2006. július 5.
When you are doing a girl from behind, you simultaneously pull her hair and stick your dick in her ass, producing a comination of sounds akin to a donkey.
Hair: Hee
Ass: Haw
"She thought we were making love until I gave her a donkey"
Beküldő: BDS 2005. január 31.
an animal that participates in sexual activities on stage with hookers
oh my god what is that thing shooting from the donkey onto that hooker
Beküldő: SausageMounter 2004. július 2.
The object of Weebl's affection.
I love donkey, almost much as pie.
Beküldő: wicket 2003. szeptember 9.
Have a big organ
He is hung like a donkey
Beküldő: kiwikangaroo 2003. április 24.
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