Local term for a Slot Machine
Hurry up ma mon! Stop feedin' that donkey cos the taxis 'ere!
Beküldő: toastface 2005. augusztus 13.
When a girl acts way too much like a butch/aggressive/way too into sports.
Dag did you see that girl kick crazy larry in the face?? That bitch is straight up donkey!!
Beküldő: Big Pun 2004. október 13.

1. A business venture which one spends vast amounts of money on, and recieves no returns from it.
2. An object or item which one spends a lot of money on, especially if the item or object does not serve its purpose correctly.
1. "Ron poured 40 grand into a donkey of his and now he's crying poor."
"I bought this 16 inch thermo-fan for my Datsun but it doesn't fit. I think it's a donkey."
"What did it cost you?"
"Not willing to tell."
Beküldő: Cabji 2003. szeptember 27.
bad, shitty, ungood. Usually spoken after hitting a bowl of some sub-par commercial bud.
Yo T-bird, that shit was DONKEY!
Beküldő: Cookie Jarvis 2004. március 19.
horse tranquiler purchsed buy pikeys in india. see ketamine
fancy a donkey ride
Beküldő: chanelle knows where u live 2003. szeptember 14.
What the heck is up with my donkey hole?
Beküldő: Smac 2003. augusztus 12.
a term used to describe an inept staffer to an ineffective Congressman or Representative.
Those donkeys in Filner's office wouldn't know a Resolution from Shinola.
Beküldő: Alfonz B. Man 2006. május 27.
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