abbr.: Department of Motor Vehicles.
"I've been to hell and I spell it, I spell it DMV." - Primus
Beküldő: BillG 2005. április 18.
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This is the DC metro area. DMV stands for DC,Maryland,Virginia. The whole DMV listens to gogo music which originated in DC. We love northface gear and mambo sauce in chinese carry-outs. We rep our hood to da fullest cuz aint no other place like us anywhere in the US. Our whole swag and slang and music and clothes is different from everybody else. I can go on and on bout us but i'm not.
dude #1 where u from?
dude #2 i'm from da DMV all day 202, 301, and 703
#dc #md #va #pg #dmv #gogo #beat your feet #mambo sauce #north face
Beküldő: robert newman 2007. augusztus 17.
Department of Motor Vehicles
also see: Satan's Asshole
Away, Idle: 5 hours, 34 minutes
Away Message:
standing in line at the DMV.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. szeptember 13.
Can stand for DC, Maryland and Virginia.
"...But much love to VA and MD thats why the new DC is the DMV" - Mambo Sauce
#dmv #dc #maryland #hood #va #md #washington #virginia #d.c. #gogo #go-go
Beküldő: Mambo Sauce Lover 2008. január 2.
Department Of Motor Vehicles, AKA- the deep pits of hell, supposedly created to help you. It causes 95% of public violence in the USA and is responsible for over 300 suicides.
"They should have a man in the DMV punch you in the face the second you walk in to ease the pain of waiting in line at this sick twisted place."
Beküldő: Meech 2005. március 28.
A level of hell derived from "The Divine Comedy" also reffered to as "Dante's Inferno", in this level, people are forced to stand in line for un-holy amounts of time, in order to get the simplest of tasks done. After standing in one line, they will be re-directed to another line and told "they are in the wrong line" after waiting 9 hours.
for raping and killing nearly 100 little boys, the poor man was sent to the 9.5th level of hell....the DMV...poor soul...
#department #of #motor #vehicles #dmv #level #hell #9th #dante #inferno #dante's #worst #nightmare
Beküldő: Felix Vennegaldi 2008. március 4.
(n) see: queuing line
wife: how was the dmv honey?
husband: you would have thought i was in russia waiting for a crust of bread for my starving baby
#queuing line #waiting #line #wait #waste of time
Beküldő: smileyborg 2006. július 6.
DMV is known nationwide as "The Department Of Motor Vehicles" where you get your tags, licence, ID, and other legal documents with your state.

In the DC Metro Area, it is slang term for the DC metro area. It is a term that has been recognized as far back as 2004 when local R&B and Hip Hop stations "WKYS 93.9" and "WPGC 95.5" started advertising themselves as radio stations that play the biggest hits in the DC area. As the time has passed by (and thanks to Wale), it has become a widely known term for the DC metro area. There have been local international calling cards that also bore the name "DMV" as far back as 2000, but never were able to popularize the name for the DC metro area like the way the radio stations did. It is not a popular term in the actual "DMV" area as many people prefer to represent their areas of DC which are: PG, NoVA, Route 1/The Highway (Richmond Highway portion), Chirilagua/Arlandria, South Arlington, and many smaller communities.
Non Local: "I hear you are from the DMV"
DC Local: "Nahh fool, I'm from the Highway"
Non Local: "What part of the DMV is that?"
DC Local: "I just told you!" "The Highway." "You know?" "Richmond Highway." "Sacramento Square." "You're slacking!"

Then of course DMV is self explanatory, unless you live in Maryland, which they call that government department the MVA.
#dc #va #md #maryland #virginia #dc metro area
Beküldő: 14th Street DC 2010. október 24.
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