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A channel that always has shows with lame, repetetive plots, and will make a show or a movie every time they think of an amusing pun or any random theme (i.e. a kid who plays baseball and cooks.) Although the target audience is 9 year old girls and fruity boys of their early teens/preteens, they will not heisitate to make movies like "High School Musical" (by the way, if they wanted to make a realistic high school movie, it wouldn't be on Disney Channel, it would be on comedy central at 10:00 at night.) Every frikin month they make a new movie and use the same actors (or better yet actresses) over and over and end up turning them into crappy, anerexic pop performers with no skill who end up lasting for little over a year.
Unfortunately you can tell it will be around for a LONG time since their so rich they dont even need to show commercials that dont advertise their own things
Disney Channel writer: ever notice how if you spell "suite" it sounds like "sweet"
Other Disney Channel writer: OMFG!!!! LETS MAKE A SHOW ABOUT IT!!!

I wouldn't care about Disney Channel, if it werent for my little sisters watching it all the fucking time
Beküldő: Smart, Sane, Super great 2006. március 21.
WTF happened?? Disney was supposed to be all about the classic cartoons, but now it's about... Preppy sluts and horrible pop music! What the hell???

I wouldn't give a crap about this channel, but my sister watches it all the time and idolizes any star that appears on the screen, including some such as Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Raven Symone, Christy Carlson Romano, and lots of other preps whose pathetic excuses for "music" are no better than the shows they star in.

Disney is well known for using and reusing the same actors every time in new movies they come up with, which they do so almost every two months or so. This is called Disney Channel Star Syndrome, and the worst part is that at least one of the actors/actresses will sing the theme song for the movie, which is always gonna be another horrible pop song that no sane teenager in their right mind would want to hear for more than one second.

So, to sum it up, aside from the shows and movied aired on it, Disney Channel is the world's largest promoter of preppy pop music that's just annoying the hell out of me. Since when was being a prep cool anyway?
Oh look, Disney Channel is making a new movie, and Hillary Duff's in it! Such a nice idea to use this actress after they've used her in at least 10 other shows. And look, she's gonna be singing the theme song, and it's a terrible pop song! COVER YOUR EARS!!!
Beküldő: SomeBadJoke 2006. augusztus 5.
Maybe the most crappy channel on. Likes to stereotype and use laughtracks at 15 second intervals. Spawn legions of 10 year old girls and the occasional middle school guy to quote it and make them sound like bigger dumbasses. Are big on lipsyching and showing commercials... for their own shows. Is proven to kill more braincells than sniffing glue, doing pot, and jumping off a bridge all at once repeatedly. Also has terrible acting and tries to make shows about people 5 years older than the target audience (ie, Hannah Montana, Phil of the Future, Thats So Raven, which are all about high schoolers).
If you die and don't believe in God, you go to Disney Channel studios.
Beküldő: omgitsarhino 2007. május 27.
A great channel BEFORE IT GOT CONTAMINATED AND DESTROYED BY THE NEW STUPID TV SHOWS ETC: Thats So Raven, Hannah Montana, Cory In The House.... WTF!!! Disney is suppose to be about quality animated movies and shows in the good old days, Now they are getting greedy and just making bullshitty movies to earn money. The actors and actresses pretend to like their fans when in fact they don't give a shit and want to make $$$$$$$$. They dont show a single non disney commercial, wth is up with that you cant be that greedy.....
Person 1: I use to love Disney when I was a kid but now it just sucks with all the "actors and actresses" who have no skill.
Person 2: What about ZAC EFRON!!!!
Person 1: Are you shitting me????
Message: Don't watch disney, its not really worth your time, your better off hanging off with real friends and doing realistic things rather than thinking about other peoples impossible lives(etc living in the white house, being a pop star yet a student.... Come on that's not possible seriously...)
Disney channel sucks now don't waste your time. period end of discussion
Beküldő: abby3145135135 2007. augusztus 30.
The worst television channel in the world. Here is how to Disney writers make a new television show:
1. instead of using your creativity use the simple plot line: Teenager(yes teenager) looks normal but has a secret : She is actually a (insert profession, mythical creature, or other thing).

2. Put some humorless, cheesy jokes into the script. Don't worry about them being funny, just add the background laughing
3. Cast the most prettiest, skinniest girl you can find. Acting talent not required because all they need to do is act funny. Singing talent can be needed, but more than likely you should just edit their voice
4. Shoot the show, but don't worry about reshooting. Plus: just make cardboard sets rather than actually spend money going to a place
5. ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE! One major thing to do is make the audience think that the main characteris like everybody else, but she isn't
6. Then make as much products as you can. Pencils, dolls(a must), bed-sheets, anything you can get your hands on. If your show gets a lot of viewers then you can make movies(should do a musical because Musicals are easy to write and easy to market)
7. Repeat cycle for next show
*On the next episode of Lucy and the Country rednecks on Disney channel*
Disney actress: Oh my jizzle, Todd has a pig. No wonder he was all hoggish

Studio audience: Hahahahhahahahahahhawhahahhahahahahh
Teen viewer: Why the hell was funny?
Beküldő: Annemermaid1995 2009. augusztus 23.
Shows only retards and gays watch
disney channel is sooooooooooo lame... "kids just like you"
yeah right,how many kids out there:
1. Live in a 5 star hotel
2. Are physic
3. Get to live in the white house'
4. are from the year 2121
5. some country singer, that hid the truth from her friends
i know there are tons more, but i hate them. they can't even show ads that dont show their lame ass shows. The fact everyone is happy is quite disturbing..
ALSO their shows have NO PLOT or their production codes are fucked up. Take Lizzie Mc Gurie, The show begain over a lame IM rumor, then it ended on some dumb kiddie show ..

see a "show" needs a plot, so meaning the show will begain with a introduction, and the end can be with changes in the family, a guy starting to date a girl or something... NOT some lame ass ramdom plot.

and WTF is worng with "oh my god" its not like your saying gods name in vain

disney channel NEEDS to change their ways.... BIG TIME
Beküldő: Chris Gonzales 2007. április 27.
this channel is probably the worst channel ever to be brodcasted. At first the shows were about the cartoons they made but now it totally suck ass. The shows are stupid, but the plots and puns are stupider. This effin retarted channel turns young girls into mindless retards and boys into little fruit cups. They have horrible actors that they use in every single series or movies. If you ever have to watch this show, the universe will collapse into itself and all of humanity will succumb to a horrible death!
(The only reason we hate this channel is because our sisters watch it all the time!)
Boy 1: Did you ever notice that all the unanimated disney channel movies go right to DVD?

Boy 2: Thats because they suck!

Boy 3 (fruit cup): no they don't!!!!!!!

Boy 1: ummmm yeah they do.
Beküldő: jimmy and timmy 2007. június 22.
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