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1. A hard disk drive of a computer or other electronic device.
The drive is magnetic, as opposed to a disc, which is optical, such as a CD or DVD or similar media.
I downloaded so much anime, my disk is almost full!
Beküldő: Alex Bahder 2006. május 21.
16 5
In Jersey dialect...
1.Extreme frisbee.
2.Duking up the ass.
1.Yo you wanna go play some disk braaa?
2.Yo you wanna go play some disk braaa?
Beküldő: MikeyG 2005. július 14.
9 7
Socially acceptable replacement word for "Dick!" Allows you to use the word dick in places where it is not usually acceptable-like the work place. Should be used with emphasis.
You ran over my cat, God damn it, why do you have to be such a disk!?
Beküldő: zepper252 2010. szeptember 10.
3 4
Outrageous, but on a super chill level.
Those waves I hit up on the North Shore were soooo Disk.

I was shredding some gnar on the mountain today, and whilst cruising down, I was just like...disk
Beküldő: yeaphil 2013. január 13.
0 2
A frisbee, sometimes ultimate, is also called a disk. A disk can be hucked, hossed, tossed, bossed, etc.
"Huck me the disk, boss! Nice toss!" - Gryphon
Beküldő: galoot 2005. szeptember 24.
4 9
Disk, abbreviation for hard drive. Used by computer nerds who like to try and be stylish.
"Hyoh! How much space ya got left on yer disk, Jake?"
Beküldő: Dylan Hewson 2005. április 20.
2 12