The people that live in Dipshitia
We are the dipshits.
Beküldő: Julia 2004. december 18.
Those who post definitions here in all lowercase and internet shorthand and have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.
dupshits r ppl who r stuped
Beküldő: The Almighty Rai-Rai 2003. december 2.
A gimp who wears biker gear when doesn't own a motorbike can be regarded as a dipshit.
An imogen type being is a dipshit
Beküldő: Sukhjit 2003. június 2.
A person who has a tendancy to act, or be stupid, often resulting in his or her bullying
"You dipshit"
Beküldő: Slap Chappie 2003. február 16.
n. - to take a shit with a dip in your lip.
- Hey Monty, let's take a dipshit.

- Hell yeah!
Beküldő: Monty Bryant 2007. május 20.
a stupid-ass retarded person
George W Bush is a fuckin dipshit...LMAO
Beküldő: jackson, j 2006. május 2.
A contemptible, ineffectual person.
"You stupid f*cking dipshit!!" LOL
Beküldő: R. Spandit 2003. július 13.

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