a brown person .
due to the fact that they have been dipped in shit , which is why they are brown

aka . Mo. Ali .

: )
Mo , you're a dip shit
Beküldő: h123456789 2009. február 12.
A total retard.
Hailie put a book in the microwave. That dipshit!
Beküldő: Aleu 2003. április 26.
most widely used as an insult, a dip shit also refers to when a person uses smokeless chewing tobacco, known as dipping or packing a (fat) lip, which then causes their stomach to hurt resulting in the need to take a shit.
Dude yesterday I packed a fat lip and had to take a huge dip shit after.
Beküldő: Meeeg 2007. április 15.
Having to go take a shit after a nice dip (chewing tobacco)
"I gotta go take a dipshit."
Beküldő: Tiz Tam 2008. augusztus 30.
Someone who looks up the word dipshit.
Beküldő: gastew15 2011. április 3.
Someone who looks up the word dipshit in a dictionary!
If you dont know what the word dipshit means, then you are a fucking dipshit!
Beküldő: theycallmeballsdeep 2009. március 28.
The people that live in Dipshitia
We are the dipshits.
Beküldő: Julia 2004. december 18.

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