name for someone who is a stupid asshole or they are just cocky jerks who thnk they know everything.
person1:"can you hand me a pen please"
dipshit:"who me?"
person1:"no the fucking wall...yes you dipshit"

student1:"whats 525/89?"
student2:"you are soo stupid, thats easy!"
student1:"look dipshit i didnt ask you and no one gives a shit if you can do math"
Beküldő: ooklynnbray allsmay 2011. február 22.
the act of dipping tobacco while going number 2
dude i just took the best dip shit ever
Beküldő: oakton hs 2009. november 1.
The shit taken during or right after a nice dip of dipping tobacco such as skoal or grizzly
"Man I'll be right back I have to go take a dipshit"
Beküldő: Chewchamp 2008. május 8.
people who write their own name on suggestion for UD
what a dip shit!
Beküldő: dutch courage 2003. február 14.
someone who dares compare the sexy Ron Perlman to some ugly ass animal
Beküldő: Vita bella 2015. január 31.
the product from a dumbass
Guy1: "That guy is a dipshit."
Guy2: "Well his dad must have been a dumbass."
Beküldő: Awesome72 2011. december 22.
Someone who is arrogant, always thinks they are right, cannot keep a relationship, very undecisive when it comes to important decisions
My coworker is a dipshit
Beküldő: RJ is retarded 2011. szeptember 22.

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