a stupid-ass retarded person
George W Bush is a fuckin dipshit...LMAO
#george w bush #dipshit #retarded #stupid #ass
Beküldő: jackson, j 2006. május 2.
A contemptible, ineffectual person.
"You stupid f*cking dipshit!!" LOL
Beküldő: R. Spandit 2003. július 13.
the plastic bag they put your clothes in after you take them the dry cleaners.
lady working @ dry cleaners: here's your clothes mam'.
girl: ummm.... mam' btw I aint a mam' I'm a teen.
lady: sorry.
girl: its okay but next time you call me a mam' give me a stronger dipshit. I ripped this one.
#dip shit #plastic bag #dry cleaning bag #bag #thingy.
Beküldő: fattimama 2008. március 30.
a "dim-witted" person that seems to know nothing, but may be hiding something. As an insult, this word could easily be in the hall-of-fame.
"Your a Dipshit"
Beküldő: Shane 2003. december 14.
n. One who thinks they know something, rather deeply, when in fact, they don't.
"People who request these definitions to be deleted are real dipshits."
Beküldő: Nametab 2003. szeptember 23.
one kind of dipshitian is the royal advisor of dipshitia...me!
Laila the royal advisor (and person who founded the country).
Beküldő: Laila Venasacia 2005. január 10.
A person in India who dip thier chips in shit and then eats it. A person who sticks their finger in shit and then takes a good look/sniff/lick and then whip it some where.
mom: billy have you been dipshitting again.
billy: no mom i swear that i havn't.
mom: then why is there shit on your fingers
#shit #dip #dipshit #india #people
Beküldő: AeilSpear 2007. október 15.
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