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Originally used on the TV series Beavis and Butthead, presumably because you can't say dickhole on TV.

A mild insult.
Get away from me, you dillhole!
Beküldő: Vance 2004. január 5.
583 212
often used on "That 70's show" a phrase some person uses to describe another as a: dickhole only this is not as vulger as the word "dickhole"
Donna:" Eric you stupid Dillhole"

Beküldő: MR.RVD 2007. május 1.
433 210
a hole in which a dildo is placed, used as an insult.
get off my head you dill hole!
Beküldő: Mark Sutton 2004. január 24.
295 163
Its the hole that your stink pickles come out of. Its called the dill hole because dill makes things pucker, like your dill hole.
Foreman, you're such a dill hole!
Beküldő: skarchman 2005. április 29.
241 143
An individual lacking common sense or maturity.
"Stop kicking me you dillhole!"--Ryan
Beküldő: Ryan Dixon 2004. szeptember 27.
225 181
an unintelligent person, to be used when they do something stupid
Beavis you dill hole, u scared away my chick
Beküldő: cr95 2006. augusztus 17.
128 85
someone that is always in the way with retarded comments or actions slowing down any type of progress.(sometimes for their own enjoyment)
george w. bush he is a giant dillhole to the planet earth. need i say more?
Beküldő: HellKnight 2004. május 4.
206 171