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when one of the female gender fingers themself to the point or orgasm
That girl diddled herself.
Beküldő: poop 2003. december 13.
524 184
Stimulation to the clit, mostly in female masterbation, but can also apply when someone else is joined in the stimulation.
friend #1: "What are you doing tonight?"
friend #2: "I don't know, probably stay here and diddle my skittle- wanna help?"
Beküldő: Malaine Boheme 2006. február 12.
331 130
1. To touch or caress the genitals in some way.

2. Female masturbation.

3. To cheat or swindle.

4. To ram a bottle up your own, or someone else's arse.
1. I diddled my cat yesterday.

2. I caught her diddling in the broom cupboard!

3. He diddled me out of that job.

4. www.diddlers.info

As you can see, confsuing the various meanings of the word will result in a big mess...
Beküldő: Jimmay 2004. július 30.
288 149
-to touch oneself in a sexual manner.

-to masturbate.
''She diddles herself. Alottt.''

''He wanted sexual satisfaction, but his girlfriend couldn't come over...so he diddled himself instead.''
Beküldő: kazspeanutt 2009. december 1.
90 59
The rebounding of a drumstick so that two notes are played in succession, usually at the same dynamic, to generate a faster way of playing strokes.
You can't play a drum roll without knowing how to diddle.
Beküldő: r0x0rw00t 2005. június 20.
120 98
The name given to one who fingers the female genitalia.
Did you here Jim fingered Sally?

Yeah Diddles is at it again.
Beküldő: Mike Huntson 2010. március 25.
50 29
verb; the act of "slipping" ones fingers into the damp and dark inners of a females reproductive organ.
maaaaaaan, i slipped a diddle!" or "it would be rude not to, slip a diddle."
Beküldő: nosecandy69 2011. május 1.
34 22