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person whom noone likes, wether it be because there arrogant pricks, or if just theyre a d bag.
Dude why is Craig a part of our group, he's such a dickhead, we should beat his ass.
Beküldő: cooassmofuka 2008. július 28.
6 6
90% of the urbandictionary editors.
me: hmmm lets see, Flower- something very pretty to look at. I hope they add this very simple, non-insulting, non racist, nice, non pretentious definition.

Editor: WHAT FLOWER?! I'm going to be a complete dick head and reject this definition while I accept the definitions for nigger, coon, porch monkey, chink, beaner, sheboon, etc.. etc...
Beküldő: African viking asian guy 2012. január 16.
4 5
1. A person who's head is similarly shaped like a penis

2. A slang for jerk or asshole
Look at that dickhead over there; Your a dickhead
Beküldő: Eguardo 2011. január 15.
3 4
a walking penis capable of intelligent speech.
You are a dickhead!
Beküldő: Bobtha Rapest 2010. június 17.
4 5
a person who thinks they are right all of the time despite actual correct facts which can contradict their beliefs they stand proud and believe/yell that they are right, they try to be the bigger man to smaller/skinnier kids/people; they tend to try and make fun of people who won't "fight back"
Oh man he was such a Dickhead to me I told him that the way you do the problem is this way and he said to me...NO IT'S THIS WAY! YOU FAGGOT! shut up!
Beküldő: Jer-Hey! 2010. június 14.
4 5
"Dude you're being such a Dickhead!!"
Beküldő: The rachet 2013. június 16.
0 2
The haircut that, when applied to some domes, leaves the head shaped like a penis.
I asked the girl at Hair Cuttery for a Caesar cut, but left with a Dickhead.
Beküldő: OG-Unit 2008. április 2.
15 17