Most situations its a mald body part that shouldnt be exposed on regular occasions. The other "dick" is basically anyone named collin. Its a person that likes to push around everyone, and when u stick up to him he runs like a pussy.
Collin: *pushes* guy1
Guy1: *punches collin*
Collin: hey chill *walks away*
Guy1: yeah u better run u dick
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Beküldő: Vocabdefiner9003 2013. november 17.
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1.The male genitals
2.An abrasive man
3.Short-form for "Richard"
1.I loved the feel of his dick inside me
2.Stop being such a dick
3.His name was Dick and he had a large dick but he was such a dick.
Beküldő: Buk Akka Tehcock 2003. április 12.
Man's most magnificently majestic manifestation of his raw power and potency. In appearance, when hard, it resembles a rocket on the launching pad, and it has the same turbulent thrusting force and energy. Just as a rocket can send a satellite into orbit, it can send a woman into orgasm, which is no less awesome a feat.
In sex, it performs at least four distinct functions: first, by achieving a hard-on, it signals to the woman that its owner is both capable of having sex with her and eager to do so, which, if she finds him attractive, tends to kindle her interest. Second, by discreetly (or sometimes not so discreetly) pressing it against her increasingly warm pussy while they make out, he turns her on and gets her hot. Then, when she really does want him, it becomes a way of her signalling her own desire, as she fondles it and kisses it and puts it into her mouth. And finally, when he fucks her, its mad and relentless thrusting drives her wild until she begins to scream with absolutely uncontrollable passion and happiness. If he is lucky enough, he has enough dick control that he doesn't come until after this has happened, which is nice for him as well as her, because the longer the tension builds up, the more enormous the explosion will be when he finally reaches ejaculation. At that point, as the speed of his thrusting becomes as fast as a runner nearing the finish line in a race and as his cock forces all of its gigantic length and girth deep into her pussywith each thrust, he reaches the point where, for a couple of seconds, it seems like the world stops. Then, he feels something like a bomb explode at the base of his dick, and with a sudden and rapid force like water shooting out of a high-pressure hose, he shoots quarts of comeinto her pussy.
In keeping with the Danish proverb that "a child of love has many names," this most-beloved part of the male anatomy has a number of colloquial slang nicknames, of which penis is the one most often seen in print, though rarely heard spoken except in doctor's offices or classrooms. A few of the more colorful are given below. In addition to these nicknames, many a guy's dick has a proper name, bestowed on it either by his wife or girlfriend or by himself, and which hopefully has a masculine ring worthy of the dignity of the entity to which it is applied.
When I pressed my dick against her as we kissed, she clasped her hands tightly around my butt and drew me to her so that it would press into her more firmly.
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Beküldő: Adam Phillips 2006. augusztus 18.
1.a penis (N)
2. to waste time (V)
3. a bastard
Quit dicking around and gimme your dick, you dick!
Beküldő: nappyafrochik 2003. április 5.
Slang for penis and usually is a stick of intense pleasure.
Silly faggot! Dicks are for chicks!
#faggot #dick #silly #penis #fuckstick
Beküldő: Damn Damn Danno 2005. október 1.
A penis. Used for sex, and peeing.
Caroline - Yo he is such a dick.

Gary - Dont call him a dick, life aint easy being a dick. You've got a head you cant think with, an eye you cant see with, balls you cant play with, your neighbours an asshole, and your best friend is a total pussy.

Caroline - ...
#dick #shlong #wang #ball #trouser snake
Beküldő: Gary V. 2007. március 3.
The male sex organ.
Big ones are enjoyed by women.
Small ones are secretly laughed at by women.
Men with small ones are told by women that size doesn't matter. Men possessing these small ones actually believe it.
Jane: "Eliza, he had the biggest dick I have ever seen. I could have played with it for hours."
Eliza: "That's hot. Isn't it funny how small guys think they have an eight inch one though? I wonder what ruler they're using!"
#schlong #cock #pecker #stud #hottie
Beküldő: Lick_it_bitch 2006. augusztus 26.
1. A slang word for a penis; another popular slang term for a penis is a cock.
2. An adjective to describe a guy who is a jerk or does mean and stupid things.
1. Man, he's got a big dick.

2. That guy is such a dick for calling me that!
#related words #penis #reproductive organs #male #jerk
Beküldő: theAJbahmaster 2005. december 22.
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