dick in butt, to get fucked over.
man you really got the d.i.b. last night, when that bitch didnt give you head..
Beküldő: allupinyamom 2008. szeptember 9.
when you are not in the mood and u feel like commitin!

and not being sociable

Depressed in bits!
when nicole is in our group!

when wigz gets in his moods

when biff runs out of class

when a party is bollocks

when ciaran mcmichael or kemp is involved....

d.i.b man
Beküldő: BIFFA!!!! 2009. szeptember 29.
DIBS- Dick in Butt syndrome
Me- oh god, i hope not!
Beküldő: DIBS LOVER 2008. december 22.
Doing It Buddy
Hey Jane..are you and Brad bf/gf now?? Hell no girl...Brad's is just my D.I.B!!
Beküldő: Urrca 2008. november 11.
Dick in Butt Syndrome.
Curtis is has an extreme case of DIBS.
Beküldő: Steve Handzik 2008. július 10.
Dibs stands for 'Delicious Information Berries' wich refers to any piece of information ever that can be found freely or 'harvested'.
'That site had some sweet dibs'
Beküldő: Dralios 2009. május 7.
expression used when an extremely unattractive person is near

be carful not to use in reference to someones mom
shit could get awkward
a heffer is approaching.
V- "DIBS!"
M- nice.
Beküldő: Where am i 2008. február 14.

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