To explain the maening of
"I see, so you're defining define"
Beküldő: jiexi 2003. december 8.
1. To speak, write, type, or telepathically communicate the meaning of a word or phrase.

2. For a lot of people on this site, to give one's opinion on a word or phrase in any of the above manners.
"Define: Archipelago"
"PENGUIN AAAAAH *shoots self*"
"I'm sorry, that is incorrect, you may sit down"
Beküldő: Fugerko.? 2003. december 25.
the attempt of explaining any given word
Define this word for me.
Beküldő: maybenot 2003. szeptember 4.
verb. to give a meaning to. a word that probably does not have a slang meaning.
Most people do not know how to define words in this site.
Beküldő: JAmes 2003. szeptember 18.
What you pay when you defish with debate in an environmentally protected lake.
What a horrible pun, using defish as if to say "the fish" The collection of groans can be heard across the planet.
Beküldő: aybab2 2003. szeptember 13.
To portray the meaning of something.
I define the length of that cock as 2 feet.
Beküldő: Matteo 2003. szeptember 12.
To give a definition for a word, phrase, acronym, or abbrevation.
"I am defined as: "Above all others"
Beküldő: Ravek 2004. március 20.

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