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to throw out a window
Larry pissed me off, so I defenestrated him off the thirty-first floor. What a mess.
Beküldő: Daniel 2002. december 8.
556 124
Most commonly recognized as an action performed on Facebook.com's "superpoke" application. Usually misinterpreted as a sexual activity, it actually means to throw something/one out of a window.
Steve - "Haha, check out my facebook, Kelsey defenestrated me. She must want me man."

Billy - "Dude, your a fucking retard. I'm going to show you what getting defenestrated really is."
Beküldő: phlangor 2007. szeptember 21.
204 104
to throw a person/thing out of a window
tonight at wendys, koko defenestrated boot. it was hilarious
Beküldő: emmy 2004. szeptember 5.
170 79
Throwing someone or something out of a window.
Rock stars have tendencies of defenestrating TV-sets.
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. augusztus 6.
113 51
To throw something out the friggin window
Big Bad B got rip shit pissed at the friggin druggies, so he decided to defenestrate them. They ended up out the friggin window in the courtyard.

It has been said that if you defenestrate an elderly woman, she will snap in two.
Beküldő: YoHaan 2006. április 4.
98 65
To throw someone or something out of a window
"I will defenestrate you and your mouth organ if you carry on" said tom
Beküldő: Mrtys 2006. május 26.
60 33
the act of pushing/shoving/chucking someone out a window
I really didnt mean to defenestrate bobby!
Beküldő: josh is awesometastic 2006. november 10.
60 35