A 15 year old that is running for president that lives in iowa
Dude 1: who's the guy with 9 percent of the vote in Iowa

Dude 2: Deez Nutz
Beküldő: Cowman123e 2015. november 22.
2015 slang it's funny now so you should laugh. But if your from 2018 or some shit than you would either remember these words or be like the fuck? Or your some 11 year old on the urban dictionary
Cous, somethin' came in the mail today..

Beküldő: The real truth made by me 2015. október 14.
Annoyance to girls
you you you you you you
deez nutz
Beküldő: Ghandi21 2016. január 2.
1. Balls
2. A joke
3. BIG
1. Somethin came in the mail for you today..what.. "DEEZ NUTZ". (GOTEM)
2. I want deez nutz inside you
3. Want to suck off deez nutz?
Beküldő: Got'em Guy 2015. november 25.
Deez nutz is when somebody says "cuz something came in the mail today" you say Deez Nutz ha ha gottem
Example: cuz something came in the mail today, Deez NUtz ha gottem
Beküldő: Fried chicken 8 2015. november 23.
"Something came in the mail today."
Beküldő: BillyBobLego123 2015. november 16.
Slang term for my ball sack.
A nigga, You seen Dee Around?
Reply"Dee Who" or "Who's Dee"

Deez Nutzzzzz!!!
Beküldő: JimiLaRue 2003. április 4.

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