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Porta Potty, place you dispose of wastes, and bodily fluids.
Don't piss on public property, the Decker is over there..
Beküldő: Seven eleven 24 seven 2006. december 7.
24 342
One whom thinks he works too hard, and is foolish enough to believe he is worth more than he works for.
Mam, i am such a decker. Suck my decker.
Beküldő: RyanCanada 2006. augusztus 14.
69 387
A guess passed off as a fact.

"A Decker"
"Yo dude how many people live in Japan?"

"Oh its 1.5 billion"

"Is that a fact or a Decker?"

~Google How Many people live in Japan~

"Its 126 million..."
Beküldő: deckerword 2013. december 2.
0 319
A fat short slob who likes to eat dick. who looks like a girl has man boobs and eats dick all day.
the fat decker
Beküldő: PedroGA 2010. november 15.
8 327