Ebonics/slang. Used along with a barrage of both animal names and derrogatory words to refer to friends. Usually used in conjunction with nigga.
Damn nigga, this shit so whack, dawg.
(The multiple references to a subject are common in Ebonics)
Beküldő: Blackanese 2004. június 25.
1. A friend or acquaintance
2. A blood gang member
1. Yo, whaddup, dawg, how u doin?
2. Mayn, thas my dawg, he ain't roll with no blue
Beküldő: Bro0kLyN KiD 2004. február 26.
a nigga that you be chiefin with
ay dawg pass me that blunt
Beküldő: Karen 2003. december 12.
a term used to give the user a false sence of brotherhood
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 31.
A fellow male friend. Varation of Dogg.
Wassup dawg?
Beküldő: WyndX 2003. április 14.
a slang term used to identify a male cohort
Come on dawg!
Beküldő: Jimmy 2003. április 9.
Naming or calling you friend, simply receiving their attention.
'sup dawg, how's it going?
Beküldő: caddyy 2005. december 1.
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