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That pasty ass white boy wants to be black, what a Dawg.
Beküldő: Hungtoknee 2010. május 3.
Word used when trying to be cool. Usually, a wannabe or some nerd that thinks hes cool.
Wud Up my dawg.
Beküldő: Broski123 2009. november 2.
your about to insult someone badly, or another word for "treating someone"
bitch, shut the fuck up before i dawg your ass
Beküldő: jbeaner 2008. május 25.
University of Washington Huskies
Bow Down to Washington

Beküldő: Woflie 2005. február 2.
One who graduated from or is enrolled at the University of Georgia (in Athens, GA, USA)...or one who is religously devoted to UGA sports.
How do you spell "dog"...D-A-W-G!

Goooooo Dawgs! Sic em! Woof! Woof!
Beküldő: gurlietruck 2004. augusztus 27.
gangsta slang for the word good friend/ can also be used as a false greetin to sum1 u dont hate, then come back and shoot them cause they stole ur girl
Wat Up Dawg
Beküldő: Master Gangster 2004. június 4.
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