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The retarded cousin of the word "dammit."
It's spelt "dammit," dammit.
Beküldő: Katsu 2005. március 27.
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A phrase used on the show 24. Most often used by Jack Bauer to express extreme anger or frustration.
Tony: He's dead, Jack.
Jack: Damn it!
#24 #jack bauer #damn it #anger #frustration #venting
Beküldő: magnetite 2010. június 25.
A phrase that has been popularized by the critically-acclaimed TV series "24," who's main character, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), uses the phrase as his trademark. A vulgar phrase a person says when they are angry or frustrated. Also spelled "damnit" or "dammit."
(Based off of a scene from 24's Season/Day 6-Episode 2)

Jack Bauer: Mr. President, you don't want to kill Assad! Abu Fayed is the one behind these attacks!

President Wayne Palmer: I'm sorry, Jack, but our current evidence suggests that this is all the doing of Hamri Al-Assad. You do not have any conclusive evidence that Fayed is behind this.

Jack Bauer: Sir, I just escaped from Fayed! He told me that and I refused to die for nothing so I broke free to save Assad!

President Wayne Palmer: I'm sorry, Jack. Truly I am.

Jack Bauer: Damn it!
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Beküldő: Carnage Cow 2007. május 20.
to say it when you stuff things up
i fell over and i said (damn it)
#ahh #shit #crap #damn #oh damn
Beküldő: laddy 2015. augusztus 29.
The bolt and bracket assembly used to hold equipment in a communications rack, such as a Compaq or Dell rack.
Did you put the damnit in the right holes?
#damn it #dammit #damnnit #damit #compaq #bolts
Beküldő: Sonyfreek 2005. november 7.
1) A phrase used when pissed.
2) Abrv. for damn it.
Damnit, that was my last muffin.
Beküldő: Zach G. 2003. október 27.
the exclamation that is screamed when you realize that the hair in your ears is growing faster than it can be plucked, while the hair on your head is falling out by the bushel.
Why in the hell is there so much freaking hair growing out of my ears.... damnit! time is cruel.
Beküldő: aging uncracefully 2005. április 3.
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