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Dale, lives in stranraer of south west scotland HE HAS NO PUBIC HAIR
dale shaved today on the hope he would get pubes
Beküldő: theoneyoudon'tknow 2009. július 6.
20 74
A male- identifiable lesbian.
Well, I would have sex with him, but he's a raging Dale and refuses to acknowledge that he has penis.
Beküldő: Blooki Oni 2008. február 14.
63 117
a loser
he's such a dale
Beküldő: thetruth89989 2010. február 4.
28 84
Fat, worthless, self-absorbed, diabetic, cheap, fat,stupid, slave driving, wife abusing, cock sucking, bucked toothed, fat, cockbrella-ed, mindless, kidney stone passing, idiot of a boss. Oh, and did I mention fat?
Employee 1: "Dale is coming to supervise today."

Employee 2: "AHHHHH, FUCK!!!"
Beküldő: shtkikr 2010. február 3.
32 91
A gay fucking douche-cunt who likes big dicks and sweaty balls in his mouth.
Dale: Hey dude you want to come over to my place?

Guy: Yea sure. What are we going to do?

Dale: I don't know but, we will think of something as soon as we get to my place.

Guy: Alrite.

Dale: Hey I thought of something.

Guy: What is it.

Dale: Let me get your BIG penis and BIG SWEATY BALLS in my mouth and ass hole.
Beküldő: The Awesome Beast 2010. február 14.
33 96
An Australian person who is usually under the age of 15 with a high pitched voice. The typical mummy's boy but to acts tough around his mates.
John - So I was gonna beat up that cunt last night but my friends stopped me.
John's Milf - John go to sleep! It's 9!
John - Omg, why?!
Jack - Stfu, your such a dale.
Beküldő: Niggerette 2007. augusztus 30.
23 94
A large uncontrollable bowl-movement that must be taken at "home-base".
ex. I got to take a dale!
Beküldő: jason dale 2005. március 12.
109 182