girl you dfs?
hell yeah i'm down for shit.
Beküldő: thee fangg 2010. február 10.
Designated D.U.F.F. Snatcher- The friend in the group that always seems to grab the D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

Also See: WingMan
"Dude, who is going to wingman tonight?"

"Tommy is. Hes always the DFS"
Beküldő: BigFootRay06 2009. július 9.

short for Doucher Face Syndrome

When you don't even know a guy, but you can already tell that he is a douchebag.


any guy that wears his collar popped, has a barbed wire tatoo on his arm, or wears designer clothes to impress girls, etc...

At a party...

guy #1- do you know who that is?

guy #2- i have no clue, but he looks like he has major DFS
Beküldő: scottie too hottie89 2009. április 9.
dead fucking serious
oh ur so fulla shit...

no, im DFS!
Beküldő: anagcan 2008. november 2.
Dumb Fuck Syndrome
Holy shit this guy has DFS
Beküldő: IcY 2003. június 9.
means/stands for 'Damn Fucking Shit'
dfs i forgot my cell phone again
Beküldő: Crazy Emmy 2007. június 21.
(Dinny fink sae): Dinny fink sae (or 'I don't think so') to disagree or indicate that a person may be 'Talking bollocks for Scotland'.
An example of its use: Macaulay: Yeah, I pulled this really good looking burd at the weekend Jonny: Dinny fink sae.
Beküldő: VAKI5 2003. augusztus 18.
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