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To dance really well and impress others.
The couple cut a rug at the dance, which earned them a prize.
Beküldő: Betty 2002. december 14.
urban dancing
that girl really knows how to cut up a rug
Beküldő: Sacha 2003. december 31.
To perform oral sex on a woman with a bountiful bed of pubic hair on her nether region
He took her home to cut a rug
Beküldő: Thebushhhhh 2012. július 28.
To shave one's pubic hair (for girls)
Let's break it down...
Cut = cut
Rug = pubic hair surrounding the vagina
"To all the ladies who know how to cut a rug..." -Usher
Beküldő: Rug cutter 2005. április 4.