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term used for friend(kuz)
Say cus you need to laon me some money
Beküldő: Fes 2003. október 10.
Cus is just a shortened version of the word BECAUSE. It's often used in song writing/singing, simply for the fact that it flows better and is much easier to sing.
"Cus well never have to fight again there's no reason now
cus all you need is love and love is all you've ever found
don't you know my friend that you know how
cus i am you and you are everything you think about" ~ Corey Gray
Beküldő: mormonchick 2013. június 10.
a term used by a crip (i.e. los angeles gang member prone to wearing blue, most commonly african-american) to refer to another person, in most cases a fellow crip.
also spelled cuz
yo, what up cus? how you livin?
Beküldő: delongpre johnson 2005. május 24.
Acronym - Critical Underpants Situation
Crap! I haven't got any clean pants left! C.U.S!
Beküldő: Sam Parsons 2004. február 8.
term for a friend.
Say cus you need to loan me some money.
Beküldő: Fes 2003. október 10.
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