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greatest food ever
dogg lets go to my crib for some curry
Beküldő: turbanader 2003. június 17.
1002 389
Name for any of the Indian hot spicy sauce.
See Butter Chicken.
Women: What is curry?
Man: Shut the fuck up you Bitch.
Beküldő: DJ Gaurav 2006. április 17.
545 236
1.)a traditional blend of spices which the indian subcontinent is famous for

2.) slang for someone of indian, pakistani, bangladeshi or sri lankan backgrounds.
1.) the curry sure is very hot

2.) look at that curry
Beküldő: night prawler 2005. május 20.
389 154
An Asian dish.
Really popular in Britain with people who have more beer than blood in their bodies.
Real nice food.
Also, belive it or not, it's a programming language.
Drunken man 1: err mate we need some curry and fast!
Drunken man 2: Aye I agree, vindaloo?
Beküldő: urinal_cake 2005. június 1.
240 118
a generic name for Asian food, usually Indian.
Very popular in UK drank with huge quantities of lager.
Ooh chicken bhuna and chips for me mate!
Give that pussy yank a chicken korma and make mine vindaloo matey!
Beküldő: nate rix 2003. június 11.
235 132
Part of an Indian cuisine which is a mix of spices. Used to flavor most things, such as lamb.

A specfic dish of food, people or person that Natalie talks about.

Referring to the race of people coming from the country of India.
For dinner, we had lamb that was covered in curry.

Today, Natalie was talking about Nikhil, the curry from our school.

There was a curry coming off a plane that departed from India that I saw while waiting in the airport.
Beküldő: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. 2009. augusztus 1.
141 50
Asian spicey food that feels as hot going in as it does coming out. Believed to have spawned the expression "Ring of Fire"
Wow, that was hot! But it was worth it.
Beküldő: Davey Boy 2005. március 4.
142 80