When a postoperative transvestite doesn't have his/her ballsack removed.
I didn't mind that she used to be a guy until I saw her cuntbags.
Beküldő: donkeydonkeydonkeydonkeydonkey 2009. július 15.
A term of effection; generally a wife or serious girlfriend
The cuntbag packed me leftovers for lunch again.
Beküldő: Jen 2003. február 18.
a bag full of cunts
£5 for a cuntbag.....?
Beküldő: buttplugwhite 2011. január 3.
A person who is a notch lower than just a plain douchebag.
Rob is such a fucking cuntbag
Beküldő: Chooks177 2010. március 13.
one who is a complete cunt and deserves to be called such
"My friend Ashley is a cuntbag because I'm at college and she hasn't sent me any letters, emails, or even called"
Beküldő: Dave 2003. november 4.
A person or object that persists on being a "Cunt", so much so that the technical term for this is being a or sharing the attributes of a "Bag of Cunts"; A "Cuntbag" if you will.
You sir, are a Cuntbag of the highest calibre...
Beküldő: Vladimir_Putting_In_You 2011. április 1.
somebody being a bitch and or annoying
jarrod shut your mouth you dirty cuntbag
Beküldő: dwayne micheal carter 2010. január 19.

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