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A submissive male (can be single, straight, married, gay or bisexual)who LOVES to service alpha males by sucking their cock to ejaculation. The cum junkie will always savor the taste of cum by holding it in his mouth before he swallows. A cum junkie does not require or desire mutual reciprocation from the man he is draining.
I am a cum junkie.
#cum #cum junkie #swallow #cock #cock sucker #fag #gay #straight #bisexual #sperm #deep throater #submissive male #dick
Beküldő: Scott Walcott 2008. április 14.
A male or female, but usually a male that will forsake his own getting off to suck and eat cum from a mans cock
John sucked off Steve and then Mark while Mark was sleeping. John is such a cum junkie.
#cum junky #cum queen #cum eater #cum #cum playa
Beküldő: Cum Junkie Walter 2005. november 14.
Slang for a nymphomaniac. A female sex addict who believes ejaculation is the purest expression of sexual attraction.
She didn't believe I found her attracive when I kissed her, only when cum inside her, shes a fucked up cumjunkie.
#nymphomaniac #nymphomania #sex addict #cum #junkie
Beküldő: Boc2 2007. november 9.
1.female who is addicted to the visualization, physical contact, and/or oral ingestion of male seminal fluids (note: never applies to males because dude that's fucking gross)
see also: slut
Steven's mom is a cumjunkie.
Beküldő: Haywood Jablowme 2004. április 18.
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