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1.taken ;Have a b/f or g/f
GUy:Hey ma, you cuffed?
Girl:Yea, i got my boo
Beküldő: Muse 2005. március 6.
Typically used by a foreign person who tries to pass It off as slang in their country in an attempt to be cool.
She told me she was cuffed, but I've traveled so I know she was full of it.
Beküldő: The realist o g 2016. május 13.
held in handcuffs (by police)
after the match al me mates were cuffed
Beküldő: dilbert scrunchie 2003. június 18.
Having experienced a complete and utter defeat at the hands of another group/team/individual.
A.S. Roma were cuffed (7-1) by Manchester United in the 2007 Champions League quarter final (second leg)
Beküldő: Captain Haggis 2007. május 2.
A word commonly used in South Africa meaning to get caught or to get into trouble for something.
"I can't believe you got cuffed by your parents for going to the party!"

"Do you think I willl get cuffed if I skip school?"
Beküldő: fallenangel1006* 2009. szeptember 22.
To steal or take instant ownership of something.
He didn't call fives on his seat, so I cuffed that shit.
Beküldő: Whiting 2007. július 26.
Cuffed- To back out of/ to change plans last minute
hey weres joe?" " nigga cuffed on us
Beküldő: thisguyyy01 2011. február 19.
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